AIS is an organization built on 3 core values. Timeliness, quality and professionalism. Our attention to these basic principals assures our clients a sound technical product in a timely manner. We are building our reputation one customer visit at a time.

Timeliness – 3, 2, 1 in 10 process.

  1. 3 calls to Account, 2 calls to Underwriting, and 1 call to the Agent in 10 days of assignment.
  2. Our goal is 30 day turn around with few exceptions.
  3. Scheduled appointments are entered in our automated system.

Quality Control Program – This is a four tier process.

  1. Forms are programmed so all areas must be completed for the consultant to submit.
  2. Completed reports go to our administrative pool for initial proof read and spell check.
  3. A technical consultant then does a formal review.
  4. I personally do final reviews on all work before it is submitted to the client.

Professionalism – Our reputation.

  1. Appropriate attire.
  2. Preparation for visit.
  3. Timeliness for appointments.
  4. Exit interviews/Recommendation discussion.

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